Fluke 52-II Dual Input Thermometer


Offers fast response and laboratory accuracy (0.05% + 0.3?C) in a rugged, handheld test tool.

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Fluke 52-II Offers

The Fluke 52 Series II Digital Datalogging thermometers offers high accuracy with fast response time to capture your measurement and show trend, in a rugged, handheld test tool.

This Fluke 52 II has dual input, using relative time.

Fluke 52-II Specifications

Temperature Accuracy
Above -148?F (-100?C): J, K, T, E, and N-type: ?[0.05% + 0.3?C]; R and S-type: ?[0.05% + 0.4?C]

Below -148?F (-100?C): J, K, E, and N-types: ?[0.20% + 0.3?C]; T-type: ?[0.50% + 0.3?C]
Temperature Range
J-type: -346 to 2192?F (-210 to 1200?C)

K-type: -328 to 2501?F (-200 to 1372?C)

T-type: -418 to 752?F (-250 to 400?C)

E-type: -238 to 1832?F (-150 to 1000?C)

N-type: -328 to 2372?F (-200 to 1300?C)

R and S-type: 32 to 3212?F (0 to 1767?C)
Temperature Scale
Applicable Standards
Display Resolution
0.1?C, 0.1 K <1000, 1?C, 1 K >=1000
Operating Temperature
14 to 122?F (-10 to 50?C)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 140?F (-40 to 60?C)
Humidity (Without Condensation)
0 to 90%; 32 to 95?F (0 to 35?C), 0 to 70%; 32 to 122?F (0 to 50?C)
Overvoltage Category
CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1 1992; EN 61010 Amendments 1,2
6.81 x 3.38 x 1.49″ (173 x 86 x 38 mm)
400 g
3 AA batteries; typical 1000-hour life
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