Fluke 714B Temperature Calibrator, Dual Inputs


A highly accurate, easy-to-use, single function thermocouple temperature calibrator, measure 4 to 20mA signals while sourcing a temperature signal.

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Fluke 714B Offers

The Fluke 714 Thermocouple Calibrator delivers outstanding performance, durability and reliability. The calibrator is compact, lightweight, and offers an easy-to-use push button interface. It is EMI tolerant, dust and splash resistant, and features a removable battery door for quick battery changes.


Measure temperature from TC output
Simulate (17) different RTD types and resistance
Operable with nine types of thermocouples
Calibrate linear TC transmitter with mV source function
Selectable ?F or ?C
Dual inputs and backlit display for easy interpretation of measurements
Thermocouple mini-jack termination
Holster features test lead storage
Power down settings remembered at power up for easy restart of tests
Compatible with TPAK magnetic hanging system
Measure 4 to 20 mA signals while simultaneously sourcing a temperature signal


Oil and Gas
Food and Beverage

Fluke 714B Specifications

Max. Voltage
30 V
Operating Temp.
-10 to 50 ?C
Storage temperature
– 30 to 60 ?C
Operating Altitude
2,000 meters
Storage Altitude
12,000 meters
Vibration requirements
MIL-T-28800E, Class 2
Drop text requirements
1 meter
IP Rating
IEC 60529: IP52
Electromagnetic environment
IEC 61326-1, Portable
IEC 61010-1, Max 30 V to earth, Pollution Degree 2
Power supply
4 AA NEDA 1.5A IEC LR6 batteries
Size (H x W x L)
52.5 mm x 84 mm x 188.5 mm
515 g
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