Fluke 750P01 Differential Pressure Module, 0-25 mBar, 3X Burst Rating


Differential pressure module with a range from 0 to 10 in H2O (0 to 25 mBar) and a 3X Burst Rating. This module features a reference uncertainty of ?0.1%.

SKU: 750P01


Fluke 750P01 Offers

Fluke 750P Series Pressure Modules are easy to use. To measure pressure, connect the pressure module to a pressure source or hand pump and then connect the pressure module cable to the calibrator. Apply pressure from the pressure source and it is displayed digitally on the calibrator. At the touch of a button, the pressure may be displayed in up to 11 different engineering units. When used with the 750 Series Documenting Process Calibrators, pressure readings can be date/time stamped and stored electronically for later retrieval. This saves time, eliminates errors, and supports F85compliance with quality standards and regulations.


Parameter/Range:0 to 10 in H2O (0 to 25 mBar)
Burst Rating6: 3x
Hi Side Media2: Dry Air
Lo Side Media2: Dry Air
Reference Uncertainty4: ? 0.1%
Total Uncertainty 1-year (15-35?C): ? 0.2%
Total Uncertainty 1-year1: ? 0.3%
Total Uncertainty 6-month (15-35?C): ? 0.15%
Total Uncertainty 6-month1: ? 0.25%


Pressure instrument calibrationPetro-ChemicalOil and GasPharmaceuticalWater and wastewaterFood and BeveragePower Generation

Fluke 750P01 Specifications

Parameter Range
0 to 10 in H2O (0 to 25 mBar)
Burst Rating
Hi Side Media
Dry Air
Lo Side Media
Dry Air
Reference Uncertainty
?0.1 %
Total Uncertainty 1-year (15-35?)
? 0.2 %
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