Fluke TiX500-60HZ Thermal Imager, 320 X 240, 60 HZ


Premium in-field viewing experience with 5.7″ diagonal landscape color VGA capacitative LCD with backlight and 150% more viewing area. Camera has premium image quality with leading spatial resolution for a 320 x 240 infrared camera.

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Fluke TIX500 Offers

Advanced thermographers who require premium image quality and an unsurpassed level of detail in every infrared image rely on the Fluke TiX500. Some environments make capturing accurate images difficult. When working with hard-to-capture targets, the Fluke TiX500 240? articulating lens offers the flexibility to adjust the angle so you can see the image before you capture it. Easily navigate over, under and around objects to maximize efficiency and comfortably take the shot. Getting an in-focus image is critical in all scanning situations; poor focus makes seeing small details impossible and also impacts temperature measurement accuracy, making it much easier to miss a potential problem. Superior focus capabilities are even more valuable when capturing an image with targets at different focal points, or when working in a dusty, crowded or otherwise challenging environment. With the Fluke TiX500, worrying about focus is now obsolete with MultiSharp? Focus and LaserSharp? Auto Focus.


Easily navigate targets with the 240 degree rotating lens and see small details on the large 5.7 inch LCD screen
MultiSharp? Focus takes a stack of images and combines them to provide you with one image that is completely focused throughout the field of view
LaserSharp? Auto Focus uses a built in laser distance meter to pinpoint the target and capture a precisely focused image
4x the pixel data with SuperResolution captures multiple images and combines them to create a 640×480 image
Work more efficiently in the field with advanced features such as IR-PhotoNotes?, voice and text annotation, video recording, and remote control
Fluke Connect? enabled so you can capture and share reliable data you can trust and trace
Compatible with interchangeable smart lenses ? 2x and 4x telephoto, wide angle and 25 Micron macro ? expand your view with no calibration required


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Fluke TIX500 Specifications

Detector Resolution
320 x 240 (76,800 Pixels)
Field of View
24?H x 17?V
Minimum Focus Distance
15cm (approx. 6″)
LaserSharp Auto Focus
Yes, for consistently in-focus images. Every. Single. Time.
Laser Distance Meter
Yes, calculates distance to the target for precisely focused images and displays distance on screen
Streaming Video
Via USB or WiFi
Laser Pointer
Digital Zoom
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