GeoMax Zoom90R A5 1″ Robotic Total Station


GeoMax Zoom90R A5 1″ Robotic Total Station

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GeoMax Zoom90R A5 1″ Robotic Total StationWith a variety of top notch features, the Zoom90 does not disappoint. It incorporates Scout, TRack and AiM technologies and highly innovative X-motion hybrid drives. Fitted as standard on the telescope, the NavLight is an efficient alignment aid, helping to speed up work while setting out. For connectivity, use its built-in Bluetooth? for medium range data transfer or its high performance Bluetooth? handle for long-range distances. Combine your preferred software and datalogger to perform remote control tasks with increased productivity. Zoom90 uses the Windows CE operating system, which enables a variety of powerful field software to be run. Package includes Zoom90 Total Station, Li-Ion Battery, Tribach, and 360 Prism.FULLY AUTOMATICLong range Bluetooth?X-MOTION hybrid? drivesUltimate one-man systemOPEN WINDOWS CEField software flexibilityComplete Windows CE functionalityFull VGA capabilityOUTSTANDING PERFORMANCESTReAm360: Scout-TRack-AiM1000 m reflectorlessPrecise capture


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