ICI 7640 P-Series Infrared Camera


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The 640 x 480 high resolution
Radiometric surveillance solution
The ICI 7640 is our highest resolution thermal imaging camera ideal for long distance monitoring and surveillance. The 7640 P-Series can be mounted in one of our NEMA 4 to NEMA 9 enclosures. Software allows for radiometric image analysis. The cameras high sensitivity pinpoints hotspots in the viewing window with unmatched accuracy. Adjust level and span to emphasize temperature differences. The 7640 requires only 1 watt of power via USB connection

Detector: Microbolometer 640 x 480 UFPA VOX
Field of View: 49? w/ 18mm & 36? w/ 25mm
Spectral Response: 7 to 14 microns
Video Update Rate: 9Hz
Optional lenses: 18mm
Focusing Distance: 4″ to infinity
Interfaces: USB 2.0
Temperature Dynamic Range: 16 Bits
Thermal Sensitivity: 0.038C @ 30?C
Operating Temperature: -20?C to 50?C
Storage Temperature: -40?C to 70?C
Environmental Protection: IP54
Shock: 30g
Vibration: 3g
Palettes: 8 palettes including color and B&W
Typical Power: <1 watts supplied through USB 2.0
interface or DC power connector
Automatic Gain and Level
Weight: 4.5 oz. (127.6g) without lens
Dimensions: 2.1″ X 3.2 X 0.5″ (52mm X 81mm X 13mm)

The ICI 7640 Infrared Camera is an ideal thermal imaging tool for many applications including:
maritime, aircraft mounted firefighting, border patrol, security surveillance and many other surveillance applications.


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