ICI Duracam 384 Professional Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera


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The new DuraCam 384 Professional is an un cooled thermal imaging camera system, which features ultra-high resolution in 384×288 pixels. The new DuraCam 384 P features a rotating lens and LCD screen with intelligent measurement functions.
With a high thermal sensitivity, accurate temperature measurement, and reliability; the Duracam 384 is suitable for a wide variety of applications including electrical inspections, petrochemical, iron and steel, scientific research, fire-fighting applications, building inspections, process control, medical, veterinarian etc.

Duracam 384 Professional Infrared Camera Highlights
Infrared Camera Duracam 384Auto and electronic focus
Built in digital camera
2x 2GB SD Card – Up to 6000 images
High-Definition Image
Laser pointer
Hotspot, cool spot, or average temperature tracking
IR Fusion
Up to 10 movable spots. Up to 5 movable areas

Duracam 384 Professional Applications
The Duracam’s wide range of quality features and hand held durability make it an ideal camera for a wide range of applications. The Duracam is the perfect match for the busy infrared consultant who offers a wide range of services. Applications could include reliability engineering, predictive / preventative maintenance (electrical and mechanical), process control, measuring temperature trends, veterinarian, medical imaging, and more.


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