Krautkramer Cl 400





CL 400 locks quickly on to the reading, displaying a rock-solid value that provides an accurate    measurement while minimizing test time.
· Routine tasks, such as selecting a probe type from a list of standard setups, performing a    calibration, and setting of alarms, are simplified by following the onscreen step-by-step    procedures.
· Custom Setups can be stored using a name that can be easily associated with the application
· The CL 400 displays the thickness value in large, easy-to-read digits.

Discover the ease of operation and versatility provided by the following additional useful features:

· Virtual keys for more efficient operation by replacing numerous dedicated keys
· Hollow/filled digits clearly indicates coupling status
· Alarm bar graph for easy comparison of a measured value to alarm settings
· Virtual keyboard for effortless alphanumeric naming
· Lockout with password protection
· Bi-directional RS232 I/O port
· AC or battery operation
Options are your building blocks to a perfect solution: Expand the instrument’s capabilities as needed by adding the optional A-Scan or Programmable Data Recorder. One or both can be installed at the time of purchase or retrofitted later as your testing requirements change.

A-Scan Option:

Installing the A-Scan option provides viewing of the ultrasonic waveform and the ability to adjust ultrasonic parameters. Repeatable results can be achieved on components with relatively flat and parallel surfaces using the standard default probe settings and observing only the displayed digital value. As shapes become more complex, monitoring of the waveform assists in properly aligning the transducer and verifies the accuracy of the test. Altering various parameters including measurement mode, gate positions, gain, damping, etc. may be necessary on parts with extreme contours.

Additional features provided by the A-Scan include:

MIN CAP or MAX CAP capture the lowest or highest value from a scanning session
DIFF or %RR compares the measured thickness value with an operator specified nominal value and displays the difference in units or as a percentage.

Data Recorder Option:

The Data Recorder option can be used to create and store up to 250 grid (x, y) type files with a total capacity of up to 10,000 readings or when combined wit the A-Scan option 1.000 readings with attached waveforms. The instrument’s virtual keypad can be used to input a data file name and add notes. A comprehensive navigation scheme provides quick and easy movement to edit or view attached A-Scans within a data file.

Base Instrument Package:

CL 400 Precision Thickness Gauge
“AA” Size Alkaline Batteries (5 ea.)
Plastic Carry Case
2-Point Check Block (uncertified)
XL Couplant Sample, 4 ounce
Firmware Upgrade CD-ROM
Operating Manual
Operating Instruction Card
Certificate of Conformity


AS OPT – A-Scan Option
DR OPT – Data Recorder Option
RS OPT – Remote Send Option


PCCBL-841 Nine Pin Serial PC Cable
PRTCBL-842 Parallel Printer Cable
PRTCBL-518 Serial Printer Cable
SSC-113 Soft Carry Case
UltraMATE® WindowsTM Data Management Software

Application Software:

The CL400 interfaces to the UltraMATE software programs. Choose the best software:
·  UltraMATE® Lite is a basic software program enabling the operator to receive files and print a standard UltraMATETM formatted report from the CL400
·  UltraMATE® is a full function program for file creation, sending and receiving data files and parameter sets, color analysis and many other program features.


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