Leica FlexLine TS06plus Total Station


Leica FlexLine TS06 plus ? Flexibility that countsFor complete flexibility a Total Station that is ready for any challenge. Designed for mid accuracy applications. As standard, an alpha-numerical keyboard and a complete set of application software is included. If more convenient, use Bluetooth? wireless technology to connect any data collector, e.g. the Leica CS10/15. For additional flexibility, a wide range of options ensures that you can always count on your TS06 Total Station.

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Built-in user friendliness by the full alpha-numerical keyboard and the high resolution display

Fast and easy entry of numbers, letters and special characters, e.g. for coding

At-a-glance viewing on the largest high-resolution display in its class
Best-in-class Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM)

With PinPoint EDM, FlexLine plus delivers the optimal balance of range, accuracy, reliability, beam visibility, laser dot size and measurement time.

1.5 mm + 2 ppm to prism

2 mm + 2 ppm to any surface

Extremely fast (1 second)

1000 m range without a prism

Coaxial laser pointer and measurement beam
Flexible Data Exchange

USB Stick for fast and easy transfer of data (GSI, DXF, ASCII, LandXML, CSV, user-defined)

Built-in wireless Bluetooth for cable-free connection to any data logger, e.g. the field controller Leica Viva CS10 or CS15
Theft protection by Leica Geosystems ? mySecurity

mySecurity gives you total peace of mind

If your instrument is ever stolen, a locking mechanism is available to ensure that the device is disabled and can no longer be used


FlexField & FlexOffice Software

FlexField on-board software and optional FlexOffice Software offer a broad range of functionality to cover all tasks. Benefit from simplicity and functionality in one solution.
Application Programs Included:

Topography (Orientation & Surveying), Stake Out, Resection, Height Transfer, Construction, Area (Plan & Surface), Volume Calculation, Tie Distance (MLM), Remote Height, Hidden Point, Offset, Reference Line, Reference Arc, Reference Plane, COGO, Road 2D.

Instrument Options*
TS06plus 7″ R500 TS06plus 5″ R500 (SKU: 785778) +?750.00TS06plus 3″ R500 (SKU: 785779) +?1,500.00TS06plus 2″ R500 (SKU: 785780) +?2,450.00TS06plus 1″ R500 (SKU: 785782) +?3,700.00TS06plus 7″ R1000 (SKU: 796968) +?1,000.00TS06plus 5″ R1000 (SKU: 785784) +?1,700.00TS06plus 3″ R1000 (SKU: 785785) +?2,550.00TS06plus 2″ R1000 (SKU: 785786) +?3,400.00TS06plus 1″ R1000 (SKU: 796969) +?4,750.00 Optional Accessories
GST05L Aluminium Tripod (SKU: 563630) +?113.00GTS26 2nd Keyboard (SKU: 765310) +?380.00EGL5 Emitting Guide Light For Stake Out (SKU: 762692) +?495.00FlexOffice Standard Software (SKU: 769608) +?67.95FlexOffice Advanced Software (SKU: 769609) +?204.95FlexField Application – Roadworks 3D (SKU: 765318) +?335.00FlexField Application – TraversePRO (SKU: 765319) +?305.00


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