Leica TM30 Total stations




Leica TM30 Total stations

Buildings and dams settle, bridges flex and vibrate, rock masses shift, mud slides, glaciers flow and volcanoes erupt. Whether by human activity such as mining and construction or by natural processes such as climate change and erosion, the world in which we live is continually changing.

Complete Monitoring Integration
The Leica TM30 forms one component of a unique Monitoring solution which seamlessly integrates total stations, GNSS receivers and antennas, geotechnical sensors, software and IT communication infrastructures.

Leica GeoMoS software provides a highly fl exible automatic deformation monitoring system that is able to combine geodetic, geotechnical and meteorological sensors to match the needs of your monitoring project, whether it is large or small, temporary or permanent.

Leica GeoMoS Web is a web based service for the visualization and analysis of monitoring data collected by a Leica GeoMoS monitoring system. Access your monitoring project anywhere, anytime using your web browser, pocket pc or mobile phone.

Accurate, Fast and Silent
The Leica TM30 is designed to meet the highest accuracy standards. High precision measurements, combined with automatic, fast and silent operation ensures that the TM30 detects the smallest movement in all monitoring applications.
High accuracy angular measurement of 0,5” or 1”

Pinpoint EDM accuracy
0.6 mm + 1 ppm to prism
2 mm + 2 ppm to any surface

Move, Lock, Measure, Transmit
Fastest workflow for the overall measurement process.

Zero noise pollution

Robust and Reliable
Critical man-made structures and natural phenomenon need to be measured continuously. The Leica TM30 will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and continue to deliver top quality measurements. The TM30 is built to be tough and to be left unattended in remote, hostile environments. The Leica TM30 distinguishes itself with robustness, reliability, minimal maintenance and lowest power consumption.

Continuous operation

Long service intervals

Theft protection and keyboard lock

Lowest Power Consumption

SmartEye Vision
Leica SmartEye vision is the combination of long range Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), TargetView and TargetCapture technology. The TM30 is the only sensor combining long range with exceptionally high accuracy to meet the demands of any monitoring application.

Long range ATR
3000m with 7 mm accuracy

Detects the correct prism when multiple prisms are close together

With the target capture technology obstructions in the line of site can be inspected remotely

Angle Measurement
The angle measurement system – for horizontal and vertical angles – is a very significant component of the Leica TM30. It must guarantee highly precise and accurate angle measurements under the high speed performance of the direct drives.

Important characteristics and advantages of the Leica TM30 angle measurement are the high measurement frequency – up to 5000 angle measurements per second – and the quadruple angle detection system.

The angle measurement accuracy of the Leica TM30 is proven and certified by Leica Geosystems’ TPM-2. This Theodolite Test Machine is part of Leica Geosystems’ calibration laboratory for length and angle. The laboratory is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS, which belongs to the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs DEA. The standard deviation (1s) of the TPM-2 angle measurements are 0.018mgon (0.058”) for horizontal angles and 0.028mgon (0.091”) for vertical angles. To test the angle measurement accuracy of the Leica TS30, the horizontal and vertical angle measurements are compared with the measurements of the TPM-2.

The standard deviation is calculated according to ISO 17123-3. For the Leica TM30, the angle measurement accuracy is 0.15mgon (0.5”).

The motorization of the Leica TM30 uses direct drives based on the piezo principle, which directly transforms electric power into mechanical movements.

The Leica TM30 is the only total station which uses direct drives based on the piezo principle for horizontal and vertical movements of its alidade and telescope.

The direct drives using piezo technology enable high speed motorization and acceleration capabilities together with infinitesimal step sizes at low power consumption. The step sizes reach the range of nanometers. Unmatched durability and extended maintenance cycles of the direct drives are achieved by a subsequent elimination of the transmission drives moving parts. No gears are used for the movements. Furthermore, the Leica TM30 direct drives do not produce a magnetic field nor are they affected by them. This guarantees the unrestricted operation of these direct drives in magnetic fields as they can appear for instance in electric power plants.

Compared to conventional drives, the main advantages of the Leica TM30 direct drives are the following properties:

High speed (up to 200gon/s)
High acceleration (up to 400gon/s2)
Long durability and robustness
No noise emission
Compact design
No power consumption at rest

Electro-optical Distance Measurement
For the electro-optical distance measurements (EDM) on prisms, reflector tapes or natural targets, a visible laser beam, which is coaxial to the optical axis, is transmitted by Leica Geosystems’ PinPoint EDMsystem.

Leica Geosystems’ reflectorless PinPoint R1000 EDM measures to natural targets at ranges of more than 1000m. To realize these long distance measurements without any prisms or reflector tapes, Leica Geosystems’ proven System Analyzer was implemented. This procedure allows the evaluation of the total signal information for the distance determination and combines the advantages of the phase and time-of-flight measurements without having their individual disadvantages.

For the Leica TM30 total station, the Leica PinPoint EDM was improved to achieve even greater accuracy. The established PinPoint EDM enables distance measurement accuracy, on Leica round prisms (GPH1P), of 0.6mm + 1ppm (tested according to ISO 17123-4).

The PinPoint EDM provides many advantages for the distance measurements of the Leica TM30 total station. Beside the very high measurement quality and reliability, the Leica PinPoint EDM allows measurements even under adverse atmospheric conditions, such as dust, smoke, mist, rain or snowfall, etc.

Beside electronic and signal analyzing improvements of the distance measurements, the shape of the laser beam was significantly improved. This results in an optimized laser beam profile and footprint.


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