Leica TS 11 3″ R1000 Total Station


Leica TS 11 3″ R1000 Total Station

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Leica Viva TS11, is the most advanced manual total station with the inclusion of Leica SmartWorx Viva easy-to-use onboard software, imaging and GNSS capability. With a complete package of easy-to-use software your work can start immediately and be finished faster than ever before. Add full GNSS functionality to your Viva TS11 whenever you want and combine TPS and GNSS in the most efficient way. Or use imaging with the unique capture-sketch-link functionality. High resolution total station images can be captured, enhanced with sketching and then linked to any point of?interest. Costly?revisits can be avoided to significantly improve productivity. Every vision on every scale becomes reality with ease.


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