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The X-MET7500 Scrap Metal Analyzer is an invaluable tool at the scrap yard to sort scrap, from stainless steel to aluminium alloys. The Scrap Metal Analyzer enables you to quickly and reliably identify scrap metal and determine its value, thus maximising your profits.
Reliable identification of scrap metal for on-the-spot sorting and valuation
Field-proven ?point and shoot? analysis
Correct grading in seconds
Analyse the widest variety of alloys, including magnesium and aluminium alloys
User-defined Pass/Fail messages for fastest sorting
High speed averaging for effortless batch evaluation
Fast start up: ready to analyse in just a few seconds
Results you can trust through a combination of empirical and fundamental parameters calibrations
Extensive grade libraries (AISI, DIN, JIS?)
Analysis of samples of all sizes and shapes, from large parts to wires, strips, pipes, cables
The Scrap Metal Analyzer comes with up to 12 hours battery life, rugged design, great ergonomics and is easy to use for maximum productivity at the scrap yard.
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The new X-MET handheld XRF analyser is an invaluable tool at the scrap yard. Sort scrap from stainless steel to aluminium alloys, from plastics to wood and electronics.? Get rapid and accurate grade analysis to work out value of scrap metal and maximise profits.

The X-MET7500 Scrap Metal Analyser combines trusted and proven point-and-shoot simplicity with powerful results

Suitable for sorting alloys as well as for screening unwanted or hazardous elements at low levels
Quick identification of close grades such as 304/321
Grade aluminium alloys based on heavy element content
Accurate at low level concentrates of Ni, Mo and Cu
Whether you analyse large or small samples, solids and chips, turnings or shavings – form or size of the sample does not matter. The X-MET automatically compensates for a wide variety of shapes and forms providing superb accuracy even on the most uneven surfaces.
Automatic high speed averaging is available for effortless batch evaluation
Analyses elements from Cl to U
The NEW X-MET7000 Series handheld analyser is based on extensive customer feedback and offers many improvements, providing rugged on-site analysis in the world?s most challenging environments.

Built to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions
High impact resistant plastic housing with environmental sealing
IP54 compliant (equivalent to NEMA 3). Superior protection against dust
and water
NEW user interface screen on the X-MET ensures ease-of-use and maximum productivity

New icon driven touch screen user interface ?
Clear, intuitive functional icons for ease of use
The X-MET’s large icons are easy to select, even with gloves on
Large grade display with closest match information
See your analysis results more clearly on the largest screen on the market (4,3″)
Bright, high contrast and advanced Blanview? LCD touch screen for optimal viewing even in direct sunlight
The result screen can easily be user customised for individual needs to show only the elements of interest or create pass/fail messages
The X-MET’s user interface available in 13 languages (English, Chinese traditional and simplified, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Italian and Finnish)
NEW simple data connectivity and export software package!

The X-MET is capable of storing up to 100 000 results including the spectra
Download results, spectra or reports onto USB memory stick: no need to carry laptop to export data
Create customised analysis reports with new Report Generator software
The X-MET remote software runs in a web browser window so no special software installations are required
Secured pdf format for ultimate data security – no possibility to tamper with the results!
Advanced data transfer options and reporting software are all included as standard


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