Rigol DL3021 Programmable DC Electronic Load (Single Channel)




200W Electronic Load with single input 150V/40A/15kHz
Single output, 150 V/40 A/15 kHz, total power up to 200 W
Dynamic mode: up to 15 kHz

Rigol DL3021 Programmable DC Electronic Load (Single Channel, 150V/40A/15kHz 200W)Rigol DL3021 200W Electronic Load with Single Input 150V/40A/15kHzx 15 kHz dynamic mode 5 A/s
current rising speed Powerful list operation function and waveform display function Easy-to-use function of file storage and recalling Sound OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/Reverse Voltage
ProtectionProgrammable DC Electronic Load DL3000 SeriesDL3000 is a cost-effective programmable DC electronic load with high performance. With a user-friendly interface and
superb performance specifications, DL3000 series provides various interfaces for remote communication to meet your diversified test requirements. It can be widely used in
various industries, such as automotive electronics, aerospace, and fuel cells.Design Features30kHz dynamic mode30kHz dynamic modexTransient test function enables the load to
periodically switch between two set levels (Level A and Level B). It can be used to test the transient characteristics of the DUT. The highest frequency can be set to 30 kHz.
Besides, in the guide interface, you can configure parameters in the parameter configuration list and view the configuration diagram at the left of the configuration list in the
real-time manner.Powerful list operation functionPowerful list operation functionxYou can generate complex sequences by editing the setting value for each step, the dwell time,
and slew rate (the slew rate can only be edited in CC mode) to meet the complex test demands.5 A/s current rising speed5 A/s current rising speedxCurrent rising speed is defined
as the speed of transition from one setting to another. You can set the actual transition time from one setting to another by changing the current rising speed. Adjustable
current rising speed: 0.001 A/s to 5 A/


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