Sigmascope Smp10




The Fischer Technologies SMP-10

Eddy Current Conductivity Meter

The SMP10 is our best buy recommendation for a feature packed instrument

The SIGMASCOPE® SMP10 is a hand-held instrument which provides rapid, simple, on-the-spot and if necessary, contact free measurement of the conductivity of non-magnetic metals.

The SIGMASCOPE SMP10 is a compact, ergonomic portable instrument with a shock resistant synthetic housing, a large backlit LCD screen and a user friendly keyboard, with direct access to the most important measurement functions.


  • The electrical conductivity measurement is employed for the production, processing or inspection of finished goods made of non-ferrous metals.
  • The electrical conductivity measurement is an important quality assurance component in the manufacture, maintenance or repair of airplanes.


  • Standard measurement according to ASTM E 1004 and DIN EN 2004-1.
  • Menu driven operator guidance
  • 100 application memories for calibrations and 20,000 measurement data.
  • Diameter independent measurement on cylindrical parts through input of curvature radius.
  • Automatic determination of temperature coefficient for the electrical conductivity of aluminum alloys, by material selection or direct coefficient input
  • Measurement capture: automatic, continuous or with external start
  • Fast analog display
  • 3-stage measurement resolution
  • Graphical presentation of the specification limits on the display
  • Extensive statistical evaluation of test series with date and time capture
  • Display modes: scientific, statistic or simple
  • Current saver function
  • Automatic shut off function
  • Temperature input: manual or automatic
  • Monitoring of the temperature change over time
  • Alarm function for the absolute temperature deviation
  • Master calibration using 8 standards
  • Corrective calibration using a maximum of 4 standards
  • Acoustic signal for measurement capture and violation of specification limits
  • 5 display languages

Fischer is the acknowledged supplier of certified calibrations standards for the European Mints.

Internationally recognized Boeing Standards are used to establish the working standards of the SIGMASCOPE®SMP10.

SMP-10 Kit Includes:

  • Probe
  • Cable
  • Battery Pack
  • Battery Charger
  • 100% IACS Standard
  • Certification
  • Manual
  • Carrying Case


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