Skyray Instrument EDX-600


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The EDX-600 is the lowest priced x-ray fluorescence instrument
Outside Dimensions:?
The most compact instrument from Skyray XRF; takes up minimal space

Long lasting oil/air cooled x-ray tube assembly
Proportional Counter Detector System (Liquid Nitrogen LN2 Free)
Internal chamber area of 11.5″ x 12″ x 3″ (460 x 480 x 120 mm)
Outside instrument dimensions of 15″ x 19″ x 15″ (600 x 760 x 600 mm)
Bottom-Up measurement system
One (1) Manual Collimator included in the standard system
Color camera sample viewing system; provides easy sample alignment?
Elemental Range of Potassium (K) to Bismuth (Bi)
Computer included at no charge; utilizes Windows XP or Vista for record keeping and report generation

EDX-600 (standard): Single Collimator Included, additional (manual) collimators are available
EDX-600B: Multiple Collimators with automatic adjust


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