Skyray Instrument Handheld XRF Analyzer EDX Pocket III


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Light Weight:?
The Pocket is one of the lightest handheld instruments on the market; designed for comfort in the field
Despite being light weight, this portable XRF was also designed with durability in mind for the rugged demands of ‘out of laboratory’ use
Focused X-Ray Target:?
The x-ray source utilizes a 6mm collimator that is focused by design and eliminates any potential for improper sample alignment
No isotopes utilized in this portable XRF system
X-Ray Source: 40 kV mini W-Target X-Ray Tube
Single Collimator of 6mm diameter (0.235 inches)
Element Range of Detection: Potassium (K) through Uranium (U)
HP iPAQ PDA Computer comes standard and is removable from unit
Utilizes Bluetooth technology; downloads to desktop CPU
Light hand-held instrument; one of the lightest systems available
Multiple Filters with automatic adjust
Battery life of over five (5) hours; includes charger
Laser-Light for sample alignment; insure accurate reading location
No shape or size limit for samples; which can be in solid, liquid or powder form
Measurement Times: 10 to 200 seconds depending on variables

Most Popular for:?
Hazardous Substance Testing
Various regulations include RoHS, CPSIA, etc
Reads below the required ppm levels
Affect multiple industries; jewelry, toy, packaging, etc
Additional Uses:
Analysis of Paint for contaminents
Alloy Verification:?
determine steel grades, copper and aluminum alloys
Geological/Mining Applications
Sorting Scrap Metals
On-Line Testing: Quality Control, incoming/outgoing inspections
Environmental (lead in soil, etc)
Handheld XRF testing steel tube
Software Configurations (contact for single element interest)
P330 for Hazardous Substance Detection
P530 for Alloy/Steel Verification
P730 for Mineral and Geological Testing
P930 for Precious Metals Analysis


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