Topcon Robotic MS1AX Measuring Station


Topcon Robotic MS1AX Measuring Station

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Topcon ?Measuring Station? Opens New Era in Ultra-Precision 3D Measurement.
Featuring a wide array of innovative technologies, the MS05A and MS1A total stations offer superior performance in angle and distance measurement as well as reliable robotic functionality. The ?Measuring Station? ensures dramatic enhancement in precision and productivity in all applications such as surveying, engineering, construction, monitoring and 3D industrial measurement.

Ultra-high Precision with Full-robotic Functionality:
0.5 / 1 Angular Accuracy
High-Performance, versatile EDM
0.5 mm Distance Accuracy
Optimized Auto-Pointing
Laser Option for Tunneling
Windows CE Operating System

Long-range and Versatile Measuring Station

1 – 1 mm Accuracy
The MS1A is primarily designed for precise construction applications providing 1? (0.3 mgon) angle accuracy and 1 mm + 1 ppm distance measurement precision.
Wide Measurement Range
A 200 m reflectorless measurement capability gives MS1A further versatility for applications where reflectors cannot be placed.
Measures up to 300 m with 50 x 50 mm reflective sheet targets.
Long-range capability reduces the need for changing instrument positions, resulting in higher work efficiency.


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