Topcon Tesla RTK




Topcon Tesla RTK
GNSS Rover
The Topcon Tesla RTK is the largest screen handheld controller on the market that can also be utilized as a network RTK rover. This is the best controller to maximize the MAGNET Field user experience.
Using touchscreen technology, the Topcon Tesla RTK features direct touch access to all graphic controls. This 5.7” display is the main selling feature while the Windows 6.5.3 OS provides a modern operating environment and added expandability with other application software.  The fast 806MHz processor drives any Topcon field application software with ease.
With the addition of a built-in 3.2MP camera, 3.5G cellular modem and Bluetooth® / WiFi ability, the Tesla RTK is an essential addition to any 3D measurement arsenal. Both Bluetooth® and WiFi are standard features of the new Tesla RTK eliminating the need for expensive upgrades. Devices can be used in a typical hotspot environment to connect to the internet and maximize the benefit of Magnet Enterprise.Features:
Integrated RTK GNSS receiver
Large 5.7” VGA Color Touchscreen
Fast 806MHz processor
256MB RAM, 4GB flash storage
3.5G Cellular module
Built-in Bluetooth® and WiFi connectivity
Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional
Portrait or Landscape screen orientation


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