Trimble TX6 3D Laser


Trimble TX6 3D Laser

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The Trimble TX6 is a cost effective 3D scanning solution based on the same advanced time-of-flight technology as the Trimble TX8. The Trimble TX6 high scan speed and accuracy make it the most productive scanner in its class and it?s built for demanding environments.

500,000 points per second with no compromise on scan quality or range
Typical high density scan time of only 5 minutes
Integrated HDR camera to colorize scans
Easy to use onboard interface with no complex parameters
Integrated WLAN for remote operation from any mobile device
Robust design with IP 54 rating for demanding environments
Upgradeable from 80m standard to 120 meter extended range
Data from the Trimble TX6 loads directly into Trimble RealWorks and Trimble Scan Explorer software for automatic scan colorization and registration. Produce powerful deliverables or export data to CAD software.
The Trimble TX6 offers best in class performance in terms of range, accuracy and speed. Pair with RealWorks for a complete field to finish scanning solution.

NEW ? entry level TX models for medium range 3D scanning based on the same advanced time-of-flight Trimble Lightning Technology as the Trimble TX8.
Essential performance ? effective high speed scanning with consistent accuracy over the full scan range. The Trimble TX6 delivers superior performance compared to other similarly priced scanners.
High quality data ? quickly capture clean data even in bright sunlight. Be confident you will get the quality data you need with less setups to complete the project.
Integrated HDR camera ? Trimble VISION? technology provides fast image capture to colorize scans with minimal impact on field productivity.
Integrated WLAN ? enables wireless remote operation from Windows, Apple and Android mobile devices.
Effective ranges ? choose from standard 80 meter range or upgrade to extended 120 meter range to match the standard scan range of the Trimble TX8.
Easy to operate ? the intuitive onboard interface makes the TX6 easy to learn, reducing startup time. Users will immediately build confidence to successfully complete projects.


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