Elvatech ElvaX S Lab


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BenefitsLow detection limitsHigh speed and accuracyIntuitive interfaceAutonomous operation as well as connected to a PCCompact, doesn?t take much space on a desk or a counterErgonomic design with a LED lightingX-ray fluorescence analysis surpasses the rest of analytical methods in terms of speed, accuracy, and simplicity. It?s a non-destructive method, in which analysis is targeted at the spot of interest. The diameter of an analytical spot can be easily changed.
SPECSX-ray tubeAnode: AgWattage: 4WVoltage: 40kV
X-ray DetectorType: Fast SDDArea: 25 mm2 (6 mm2 for Si-PIN)Energy resolution: 140 eV at Mn K?, 90 eV at Al K?Count rate: 500 000 cps
ElectronicsSignal processor: Digital pulse processor based on 80 MHz DSPADC: 4096 channels
CommonAnalytical Chamber Dimensions: 185 mm ? 212 mm ? 90 mmWeight: 7 kgPower supply: 90 ? 240 V, 50/60 Hz; optional batteryPower consumption: 20 W
Embedded PCOperating system: Windows ? CompactAnalysis algorithms: Regression algorithm, Manual spectra comparisonData transfer: 2?USB, MicroSD, miniUSBScreen: 5?, 800?480


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