The XAN® 150 is especially well suited for measuring and analyzing thin coatings, even with very complex compositions or small concentrations.

Typical areas of application are:
Measurement of functional coatings, starting from a few nanometers, in the electronics and semiconductor industries
Trace analysis for consumer protection, e.g. lead content in toys
Analysis of alloys with highest requirements of accuracy in the jewelry and watch industries and in metal refineries
Research in universities and in the industries

Using the fundamental parameter method, coating systems as well as solid and liquid samples can be analyzed standard-free. It is possible to detect up to 24 elements in a range from aluminum (13) to uranium (92) simultaneously. The instrument has an excellent accuracy and long-term stability, which among other things is reflected in a significantly reduced calibration effort.
For high accuracy tasks, calibrations can be performed at any time. Excellent ergonomics, easy operation, fast calculation and data presentation are all features of the instrument.
To create ideal excitation conditions for every measurement, the XAN® 150 features electrically changeable apertures and primary filters. The modern silicon drift detector achieves high accuracy and good detection sensitivity.


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