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Flexible instrument for measuring coating thickness with multiple uses
Both thin and thick coatings (e.g. 50 nm Au or 100 ?m Sn) can be measured equally well through selectable high voltage filter combinations
The micro-focus tube enables small measurement spot sizes at short measurement distances of just 100 ?m
High count rates of a few kcps through proportional counter tube
?Measuring direction from bottom to top, this allows for quick and easy sample positioning
Large measurement chamber with a cutout (C-slot)?

Typical fields of application
Measurement of coatings such as Au/Ni/Cu/PCB or Sn/Cu/PCB in the PC Board industry
Coatings on connectors and contacts in the electronics industry
Decorative coatings Cr/Ni/Cu/ABS
Electroplated coatings such as Zn/Fe, ZnNi/Fe as corrosion protection on mass-produced parts (screws and nuts)
Jewellery and watch industry
Determination of the metal content of electroplating baths


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