Fluke 1586A/2HC Super-DAQ Temperature Scanner


This Super-DAQ precision Temperature scanner is capable for scanning and recording Temperature, DC Voltage, DC Current, and Resistance.

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Measure thermocouples, PRTs, thermistors, dc voltage, dc current, and resistance
Best-in-class temperature measurement accuracy:
PRTs: ? 0.005?C (using external DAQ-STAQ Multiplexer
Thermocouples: ? 0.5?C (using High Capacity Module and
internal CJC)
Thermistors: ? 0.002?C
Input channels: Up to 40 isolated universal inputs
Selectable scan speed: Up to 10 channels per second
Four modes of operation: Scan, Monitor, Measure, Digital Multimeter
Real-time color trending: Chart up to four channels simultaneously
6-1/2 digit display resolution for dc voltage, dc current, and resistance
Current reversal minimizes thermoelectric effects, improving PRT/
RTD measurement accuracy
Automated sensor calibration: Control Fluke Calibration temperature
sources such as dry-wells or micro-baths for automated calibration
Data storage: Records up to 20 MB of data and setup files to internal non-volatile memory or to an external USB drive. Transfer data to a PC using the USB drive or LAN connection and view data in Microsoft Excel
Data security: Administrator and user profiles for protecting settings and ensuring test traceability
Mx + B scaling and channel offset zero function
Alarms: Two independent, user-defined alarms for each channel, indicates when an upper or lower range has been exceeded

Fluke 1586A/2HC Specifications

Display Resolution
6 1/2 digits
Input Module Options
2 rear panel slots (?x? designates slot 1 or slot 2 below). Can be configured for 2 High-Capacity Modules, 2 DAQ-STAQ Multiplexers, or one of each
Internal High-Capacity Module Configuration
20 channels per module (x01 – x20) 2 dedicated current channels (x21 – x22) (3- and 4-wire connections require 2 channels)
External DAQ-STAQ Multiplexer configuration
10 PRT/thermistor channels (maximum) 20 mini-jack thermocouple channels (maximum)
Math Channels
20 channels – Operations: sum, difference, multiply, divide, polynomial, power, square root, reciprocal, exponential, logarithm, absolute value, average, maximum, minimum
Interval, external (trigger input), alarm, remote (bus), manual, automated test
Standard Interfaces
USB host, USB device, Ethernet 10/100 LAN, RS-232 temperature source control for automated temperature data collection from Fluke Calibration drywells and baths
Mains Voltage
100 V setting: 90, to 100 V; 120 V setting: 108, to 132 V; 220 V setting: 198, to 242 V; 240 V setting: 216, to 264 V
Mains Frequency
47 Hz to 440 Hz
Input protection
50 V all functions, terminals and ranges
Dimensions (HxWxD)
150 mm x 245 mm x 385 mm
6 kg (13.2 lb) ? typical configuration
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