Fluke 750P01EX Pressure Module, 0-10 IN. H20 DIFF


The Fluke 750P Series pressure modules are designed to be rugged, easy-to-use and highly accurate. The 750PEx modules are for use with the 718Ex and 725Ex I.S. rated calibrators. The improved accuracies will open up a significant number of new applications. The range is 0 to 10 in H2O (0 to 25 mbar).

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Fluke 750P01EX Offers

Replacing Fluke’s legacy 700PEx series pressure modules, the 750PEx Series is comprised of a family of 8 pressure modules covering pressure calibrations ranges from 0 to 10 in H20 to 3000 psi (25 mbar to 200 bar), including gage, differential, dual range and absolute intrinsically safe models.

What’s New

Improved total uncertainty 10% more accurate than the 700PEx modules
Enhanced connect-ability with easy to connect finger-tight adapters for NPT, BSP and M20 fittings (supplied)
6-month and 1-year specifications for customers wanting better accuracies
Multiple temperature specification windows offering additional specification improvements
Improved reading rate when used with 725Ex multifunction calibrators
3-year warranty extends the promise of ruggedness, long term performance
Now includes IEC-Ex certifications


Digital communication eliminates errors due to poor connections and electrical interference
The modules are inherently temperature compensated from 0 to 50?C (32 to 122?F)
The modules are fully interchangeable because all measurements are completed in the pressure module itself and then communicated to the calibrator in digitized form
Modules are calibrated independently of the calibrator, and can be used with any 718Ex or 725Ex calibrator
Each module has its own serial number to maintain independent traceability
Rugged construction, urethane over molding protects against shock if dropped and seals against dirt, dust, and moisture ingress
Pressure connections are ?” NPT female, easily converted using adapter set
?” NPT Male, ?” BSP/ISO and M20 male adapters are provided with each pressure module
Convenient setup, one-meter cable between the pressure module and calibrator reduces the length of connecting tubing to the pressure source
Three-year warranty, best in class compared to competitors one year warranty
Added IEC-Ex certification for compliance in extended geographies

Comparing pressure module specifications, it is important to compare both the temperature range the time period the specifications apply. Matching the pressure range to the application is critical for best performance in performing a calibration.


Instrument Maintenance
Control Systems
Safety Systems
Process and Environmental Monitors

Fluke 750P01EX Specifications

Pressure Range
0 to 10 in H2O (0 to 25 mbar)
Product Dimensions
4 x 4.5 x 2″ (101 x 114 x 50mm)
2 lbs.
3 Years


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