Fluke 771 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter


Best in class clamp meter with 0.2% accuracy, 0.01mA resolution and sensitivity.

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Fluke 771 Offers

The Fluke 771 mA clamp meter is designed to save you time, and money, by eliminating time wasting activities. Now you can troubleshoot and repair 4-20 mA loops without breaking the loop or bringing down the system.


Measure 4 to 20 mA signals without “breaking the loop”
Best in class 0.2% accuracy
0.01 mA resolution and sensitivity
Measure mA signals for PLC and control system analog I/O
Dual backlit display with both mA measurement and percent of 4 to 20 mA span
Detachable clamp with extension cable for measurements in tight locations
Measure 10 to 50 mA signals in older control systems using the 99.9 mA range
Automatically change the 4 to 20 mA output for remote testing
Power saving features, auto-off, backlight timeout extend battery life


Petro-ChemicalOil and GasFood and BeveragePharmaceutical

Fluke 771 Specifications

0 to 20.99 mA
0.2% + 2 counts
21.0mA to 100.0 mA
1% + 5 counts
Diameter of Measurable Conductor
0.177″ (4.5mm) max
IP Rating
IP 40

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