Fluke N5K 3PP50IR Norma 5000 3 Phase Power Analyzer with PP50.IFC2 & Printer


High precision power analyzer with rugged design ideal for use in the field or as a bench unit in laboratories and on test benches. This instrument is reliable and highly accurate in measuring of power electronics for test and development.

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Fluke N5K 3PP50IR Offers

This compact analyzer provides the latest measurement technology to assist engineers with the development and testing of motors, inverters, lighting, power supplies, transformers and automotive components. Based on a patented, high-bandwidth architecture, the instrument delivers high-precision measurements of single or three-phase current and voltage, harmonics analysis, fast fourier transformation (FFT) analysis, as well as calculations of power and other derived values.


Six-phase power analyzer for developing frequency converters and lighting equipment
Features the highest bandwidth on the market
Measures voltage, current, and power harmonics up to the 40th harmonic
Features a simple user interface to ensure easy, intuitive operation
Offers a variety of standard configurations so users can choose the exact functionality required for their application
Performs simultaneous parallel acquisition of all phases to allow accurate viewing of dynamic events on all phases at exactly the same point in time
Compact design makes it easy to carry and saves working space
Provides galvanically-isolated inputs to avoid short circuits in all applications
Includes FFT analysis, vector diagram, and digital oscilloscope (DSO) mode in the base unit for complete analysis capability
Offers user-selectable average time?from 15 ms up to 3600 s?for dynamic measurements
Includes 4 MB on-board memory (expandable to 128 MB) for storing measured valuest for complete analysis capability
Offers user-selectable average time (from 15ms up to 3600s) for dynamic measurements


Electric motors and inverter drive systems
Inverter drive system
Lighting systems

Fluke N5K 3PP50IR Specifications

Number of Phases
1 to 6
On-Board Printer
Color: 144 mm (5.7″)

320 x 240 px

User-selectable background lighting and contrast
DC to 3 MHz or DC to 10 MHz depending on input module
Basic Accuracy
0.2%, 0.1% or 0.03% depending on input modules
Sampling Rate
0.33 MHz or 1 MHz depending on input modules
Voltage Input Range
0.3 to 1000V
Current Input Range (direct, not via shunt)
0.03 mA to 20 A depending on input module
Memory for Configurations
4 MB
Memory for Settings
0.5 MB
Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT)
To the 40th Harmonic

RS232/USB Interface
Approx. 5 kg (11 lbs)
150 x 237 x 315 mm (5.9 x 9.3 x 12.4″)


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