Fluke TIX620-30HZ Infrared Camera, 640 x 480, 30Hz


The Fluke TIX620 allows you to see more detail in every image with its large 5.6 inch high resolution LCD screen. Perform non-destructive testing and capture high quality radiometric images and videos.

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Fluke TIX620-30HZ Offers

Take the guesswork out of your inspection and analysis.

Work from safer distances -inspect areas that you could not get close to before and still get spectacular, detailed infrared images

Get a premium in-field viewing experience for quick issue identification with the large 5.6 inch high resolution LCD screen

The Fluke Expert Series offers the best flexibility of the entire Fluke infrared camera portfolio to capture spectacular images close up or from a distance with up to eight lens options (2x and 4x telephoto lenses, two wide angle lenses, three macro lenses and one standard lens) so great images can be captured despite certain obstacles


Get high measurement accuracy and precision images with 640 x 480 resolution
Work from safer distances. Get spectacular, detailed infrared images from a distance
See more detail in every image with the large 5.6 inch high resolution LCD screen
Save time focusing with advanced auto focus and manual focus
Take focus to the extreme and eliminate out of focus images. EverSharp takes a stack of IR Images at once and combines them into one fully focused image
Get real-time data collection with LabVIEW? and MATLAB? toolboxes
Capture high quality radiometric images and videos
Perform non-destructive testing
Conduct inspections from a safe distance and still get close-in shots with the 32 times on-camera digital zoom.
Choose the most convenient image transfer protocol for your application: Camera data ports: Image transfer: SD card, USB 2.0, video output DVI-D (HDMI). GigE vision and RS232 available in 2015. SmartView? software: SD card. USB 2.0, GigE Vision and RS232 available in 2015.
Get the sharpest ever IR-Fusion? images with an 8 MP visible light camera.
Versatile viewing options for in-field viewing of images with viewfinder?for outdoor use.
User defined programmable buttons to personalize for quick access to most used features.

What is SuperResolution?

SuperResolution provides 4x the resolution that’s available on camera. Select the SuperResolution mode before you capture images. Then transfer them to the included SmartView? software and select the SuperResolution mode to reveal 3,145,728 pixels and see infrared in a whole new way.

What is EverSharp?

EverSharp mode utilizes the focus motor to capture multiple images from varying focal distances with the push of a button. Using special algorithms, SmartView? software will combine images taken from multiple focal distances and will create an image that sharpens the detail of not just the initial focal point, but also enhances the focus of the elements around the focal point. These infrared images turn out very impressive as all objects are then displayed in superb image quality.Turn great images into spectacular images by selecting the best optional lens for your applications.


Electrical Utility
Pole Transformers
Electrical Distribution Substations
Printed Circuit Boards
Assembly Inspection
Steam Vents
Inspecting Water Levels in Tanks
Cell Phone Towers
Cement Manufacturing Facility Inspection
Building Exterior Inspection
Commercial Flat Roof Inspection

Fluke TIX620-30HZ Specifications

IFOV (Spatial Resolution)
0.85 mRad
Image Resolution (pixel)
640 x 480 (307,200 pixels)
Resolution Enhancement
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD)
< 0.04? C at 30? C target temp (40 mK)
Spectral Range
7.5 ?m to 14 ?m
Viewing Modes
Picture-in-picture, continuous blending, color alarms (above and below user defined temperatures)
Temperature Range
-40 to 600 ?C (-40 to 1112 ?F)
Image/Video Storage
SDHC memory card
Laser Pointer
Yes, laser class: 2
Text and Voice Annotation

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