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The X-MET3000+ is a rugged, handheld XRF analyzer, which incorporates
advanced X-ray tube technology. The XMET3000+ is capable analyzing
element from Titanium (22) to Uranium (92) and Chlorine (18) to
Uranium (92) for RoHS and Soil model (XMET 3000 TXR+ and XMET 3000

New ? Now all the XMET 3000 Plus model is equipped with the new
developed and patented detector from Oxford Instruments, Penta PIN
Detector. It will produce a Low resolution – high count rate. It has
best detection limits in handheld instrument. Furthermore it will
improved precision from higher count rate. It will also produce better
inter-element correction due to improved resolution and background.

Measurements with the X-MET3000TX, can utilise four types of method of
1. The Empirical Assay Calibration mode

?Fastest and most accurate analysis
?Traceable reference standards are used to establish the calibration
?Particularly useful where all major elements present in a sample
cannot be analyzed (e.g. metallic carbides)
2. Fundamental Parameters (FP) is a universal standardless calibration

?Practically any combination of physically measurable elements can be
analyzed accurately.
Can measure 25 elements between Ti-U regardless of concentration
The elements analyzed can be customized for specific applications
3. Direct spectral identification

?Is based on the comparison of known standard spectra and the measured
spectrum of the sample
The material can be identified even when no analytical assay data is available
4. PASS/FAIL mode offers a convenient, fast way fast way to sort material,
e.g. during delivery inspection

XMET3000 is developed in several different models to be used in a
specific or general applications, as follows:

?Metal alloy analysis or Positive Material Identification (PMI)
?Scrap Sorting
?WEEE, RoHS, Pb-free, packaging & ELV analyzer
?Soil analysis


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