Promax EXPLORER HD DTMB optical signal




Promax EXPLORER HD DTMB optical signal
Channel searching and channel tables generation
Signal type automatic identifying (AUTO ID)
Constellation diagram
Echoes detection
Built-in spectrum analyzer with direct access keys
Datalogger (measurements automatic acquisition and storage) for digital and analogue channels
SAT IF test (IF distribution network response for satellite band)
Attenuation test function (signal distribution network response for terrestrial band)
DiSEqC generator and LNB supply
Audio and Video recording and playing

The TV EXPLORER HD DTMB will become a reference in the industry for being the very first field strength meter of its kind to actually meet the requirements to be called a real HDTV instrument. You can watch High Definition and Standard Definition programmes directly on the display whether compressed in MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 /H.264.
The TV-EXPLORER-HD-DTMB and its HDMI connection provides compatibility with HDTV equipment to assess the quality of a high definition picture. It is also very useful to carry out checks directly on the client’s TV, which helps to identify incidences easily. TS-ASI connectivity makes it easy to monitor and analyse transport streams coming from other equipment or to transfer the received transport stream to other equipment.

1 – Rechargeable Li+ battery
1 – 10 dB attenuator
1 – External DC charger
3 – F/H adapters to BNC/H, DIN/H, F/H
1 – Transport suitcase
1 – Carrying Bag
1 – Transport belt
1 – Car charger
1 – USB cable (A) female – Mini USB (A) male
1 – Power cord
1 – USB memory


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