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The KT-100 Katana LIBS analyzer is simply the best handheld LIBS analyzer, for scrap metal sorting, positive material identification and metals analysis for quality assurance throughout the entire fabrication process and beyond. Integrating proprietary Breakthrough Laser Ablation & Detection Engine (BLADE?) technology into a durable, fit-for-purpose portable metal analyzer, provides users with advantages that weren?t previously attainable, such as:
QuickID? Software?
Identify more in less time
Durable, Tested Design ?
Only MIL STD 810G & IP-54 certified handheld metal analyzer
Smallest & Lightest Handheld LIBS?
Sort all of your common alloys with ease
Longest Battery Life ?
Avoid downtime
GPS Tracking?
Protect your investment

NOT JUST AN ALUMINUM ANALYZER KT-100 handheld LIBS is not only a superior aluminum analyzer. This versatile portable metal analyzer delivers accuracy, precision and reproducible identification of all the common grades of aluminum plus all common grades of copper, brass, bronze, and most other metals and alloyed metals in an average of two seconds. With durability you can count on, KT-100 is ideal for use in: Scrap metal sortingMetals analysis quality assurance for manufacturers and fabricatorsPositive material identification and PMI testing for petrochemScrap Metal Sorting QuickID Katana Rigaku Analytical Devices QUICKID? METALS IDENTIFICATION Offering a rapid matrix selection, chemical composition and grade identification is simple and easy to read with QuickID? software. Users have the ability to quickly add new alloys to a customized on-board library. Katana is password-protected with an automatic ?sleep mode? for improved safety and battery life. Its on-board camera captures images of the metal pieces being analyzed.

MOST DURABLE HANDHELD LIBS Katana?s pistol-shape is optimal for one-handed operation and weighs 1.5kg (3.25lbs). It is ruggedized for maximum durability, the only handheld metal analyzer that is both MIL STD-801G and IP-54 certified. With a 3.5? high resolution tiltable screen, users have much more visibility when in confined spaces or outdoors. The user interface of KT-100 Katana includes: Touchscreen for a fast learning curveLarge, softkey buttons for operation while wearing glovesUnique ?quick launch? handle buttons enabling one-handed operationKick stand for optimum viewing and grabbing position

KT-100 ACCESSORIES Katana includes a docking station for a continuous battery charge and secure storage location and a waist holster for when users are on the move. The two Li-ion batteries enable an industry-leading 10+ hours of operation combined.


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