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The RD8100 (successor to the RD8000) is the most advanced locator range, building on over 40 years of pedigree to deliver performance, quality and durability. Containing a unique arrangement of 5 custom manufactured, precision ground antennas, it allows you to choose the optimum level of precision for the job in hand.

With utility infrastructures becoming more complex, locate professionals require more powerful, flexible tools. Features such as Current Direction and iLOC combine with the versatile Tx Transmitter range to deliver highly responsive locates even in tough conditions.

Integrated GPS and usage-logging options automatically generate data for customer reports, or in-house quality and safety audits to promote best working practices.


Current Direction (CD)

A powerful tool that helps operators pick out their target line from others nearby. With CD you can locate your utility quickly and eliminate wasted time following false trails.

Automatic usage logging with GPS positioning

GPS equipped RD8100 locators automatically log key locate parameters every second, providing a comprehensive picture of individual locates, or allowing you to assess usage patterns over periods of a year or more. The data generated can be used to ensure compliance with best-practice, or to identify training needs before poor work habits develop. Additionally, the data can be used for internal audits or shared with partners or clients to evidence task completion, or compliance to their requirements. Usage data can be exported in multiple file formats – for example KML for Google Maps to confirm where and when work was performed.

Combine accuracy with speed – Peak+ mode

Combine the accuracy of Peak locating with the rapid ground coverage of Guidance arrows in the new Peak+ mode. A single key press lets you check for distortion by comparing Null with Peak.

Use Power Filters™ to pinpoint and discriminate between power cables

When a signal transmitter can’t be connected, tracing individual power lines through complex networks can be a real challenge – conflicting or powerful signals confuse, or combine to create a wash of signal. With a single key press you can now utilize the harmonic properties of power signals to establish if a signal comes from one source, or from multiple cables, then trace and mark their routes.

Trace high impedance utilities with 4 kHz – and with CD

The 4 kHz locate frequency is designed for tracing high impedance lines such as twisted pair telecoms or street lighting. Since such utilities are often found in areas of dense infrastructure, you can combine 4 kHz with CD to ensure you follow the right line.

Quickly follow lines with Guidance Mode

Guidance Mode allows you to rapidly follow the path of a buried utility. Intuitive proportional arrows, a directional ‘needle’ and differentiated audio tones guide you along the target pipe or cable.

Customize the locator to your network frequencies

Up to 5 additional frequencies can be programmed into all RD8100 locators to match it to the signals found on your target networks.

Fault Find

Combine the RD8100 locator with an accessory A-frame to identify and pinpoint insulation sheath faults to within 100mm.

RD8100 Specifications:
Locate Frequencies 18
Sonde Frequencies 4
Passive Modes 5
On-board GPS No
Power Filters Yes
Usage-Logging No
CALSafe No
4 kHz 4k+CD
Current Direction Yes
Fault Find Yes
Depth in Power Yes
Passive Avoidance Yes
iLOC Yes


SPX Radiodetection TX-5 Precision Locate Cable & Pipe 5 Watt Transmitter

Product Overview:
The Tx family of signal transmitters has been designed to complement Radiodetection’s advanced high-precision cable and pipe locators including the RD8100, RD7100, marker locator and PCM ranges

Product Description:
– Signal transmitter
– Multi-function transmitter
– Cable and pipe transmitter

Intended Use:
Use with a locator or marker locator from Radiodetection’s precision locator range to find and trace cables and pipes. Use with a PCM locator to boost the locate signal for a pipeline survey.

Max Power Out Put 5W
Max Voltage Output 90V
Max Current Output 0.5A
Induction Field Strength 0.9
Active Frequencies 512Hz DC
570Hz DC
577Hz DC
640Hz DC
760Hz DC
870Hz DC
920Hz DC
940Hz DC Induction
4kHz (4096Hz) DC Induction Clamp
8kHz (8192Hz) DC Induction Clamp
9.8kHz (9820Hz) DC Induction Clamp
33kHz (32,768Hz) DC Induction Clamp
65kHz (65,536Hz) DC Induction Clamp
83kHz (83,077Hz) DC Induction Clamp
131kHz (131,072Hz) DC Induction Clamp
200kHz DC Induction Clamp
Fault Find 8kHz (8192Hz)
Information displayed – Battery level indicator
– Operation mode readout
– Standby icon
– Output level indicator
– Mode of operation indication
– Induction
– Direct connection
– Clamp mode
– DC power connected indicator
– A-frame: Indicates when the transmitter is in Fault-Find Mode
– CD Mode: Indicates when the transmitter is in Current Direction Mode
– Voltage warning indicator: Indicates that the transmitter is outputting potentially hazardous voltage levels or high voltage across DC output leads
– Volume level indicator
– Pairing icon: Appears when the transmitter and locator are connected via iLOC
– Bluetooth icon: Indicates status of Bluetooth connection. Flashing icon means pairing is in progress
– Measurements: Voltage, current, power and impedance


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