Topcon GM-100 Series Reflector-less Total


Topcon GM-100 Series Reflector-less Total

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GM-100 Series is perfect for:Land Surveying?Topography & As-Built?Construction Survey/Layout?Layout & Survey?Foundation and Exterior?This powerful, cost efficient Manual Total Station was designed from the ground up to deliver the latest technological advantages in a small, sleek design. It features an ultra-powerful EDM, best-in-class angle accuracy encoder system to provide the accuracy, speed, and endurance needed on the most challenging job sites. Plus, with a rugged housing and extended battery-life, you?ll be able to handle even the toughest conditions.The GM-100 series also includes dual axis compensation, 32 GB USB, Bluetooth to 10m and TSshield? telematics for ultimate security and investment protection.Features6,000m prism range 1.5mm accuracyEasy access USB memory with 32 GB storage1″ angle accuracy encoder system with exclusive IACSRugged, waterproof/dustproof magnesium-alloy housing28 hour battery life (eco mode)?Angle MeasurementMin. Resolution/Accuracy GM-101???0.5?/1?GM-102??????1?/2?GM-103??????1?/3?GM-105??????1?/5?IACS?????????Standard on 1? and 2? modelsCompensation????Dual-axis compensatorDistance MeasurementPrism EDM Range 6,000 mPrism EDM??????1.5 mm + 2 ppm AccuracyNon-Prism Range??1,000 mNon-Prism??????2 mm + 2 ppmAccuracy???????(0.3 – 200 m)Measuring Time??Fine: 0.9 secRapid: 0.6 secTracking: 0.4 secCommunicationsLongLink? is not supported Bluetooth? Class 1.5/10 mUSB 2.0 Slot (Host)RS-232C SerialGeneralDisplay????????Single Backlit LCD (Dual display optional)Battery Operation Up to 28 hoursDust/Water Rating IP66Wireless???????Bluetooth? Class 1.5 ConnectionOperating Temp??-20?C to 60?C*Special Arctic version available (-35 to 50?C)Laser plummet standard.Optional optical plummet available in some global locations.


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