Leica System 2000 – TCA1800 / TCA2003 / TC2003 Total Stations




Leica System 2000 – TCA1800 / TCA2003 / TC2003 Total Stations

he high-performance total stations have unique precision. You can tackle demanding tasks in engineering surveying, in tunnel building as well as structural work above and below ground both reliably and with very high precision.

Universal total station for demanding surveying tasks with high accuracy requirements. Angle measuring accuracy of 1” (0.3 mgon)

TC2003 / TCA2003
Robust precision total station for the highest requirements in surveying with an angle measuring accuracy of 0.5” (0.15 mgon)

Angle & distance measurement
The total stations have a specially-manufactured angle measuring system that facilitates a measuring accuracy of 0.15mgon (0.5″) on the TC2003 and TCA2003. Key elements here are the precise drives and the quadruple detection of the graduated circles.
All total stations are equipped with coaxial precision distancers. On the TC2003 and TCA2003, a distance measuring accuracy of 1mm+1ppm is achieved due to the use of specially-developed components.

The technology has already been proven many thousands of times all over the world and is extremely reliable. Due to the high stability and the long service life of the gearboxes on the automatic instruments, the total stations are particularly suitable for continuous use such as monitoring tasks or for the control of machinery. With IP54 the total stations are very well protected against dust and water.

Automatic fine pointing
The Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) demonstrates its full benefits during routine repeat measurements, e.g. monitoring, set measurements and measurement at two telescope faces. Using the sight, the observer aligns the telescope roughly with the target point and triggers a distance measurement. The total station automatically moves the telescope to the centre of the prism, measures the distance and corrects the angle 1 mm with the deviation to the centre of the prism.

Automatic target tracking
In the LOCK mode the instrument automatically tracks the reflector after the first measurement. With a single button press, all measured values can be recorded at any time without the need to interrupt target tracking.
Measurement is particularly convenient using the 360° reflector, as this does not need to be aligned.

RCS remote control
Using the Remote Control System (RCS), which is connected to the total station via an integrated radio modem, you can measure just as easily from the target as from the instrument itself. Display and keypad on the remote control are fully compatible with the total station. All functions and programs can be accessed from the remote control and operation is identical to the total station. Perfect for robotic or one-person surveying.


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